About Suvarn Prashan

Suvarna Prashan (Gold Child Care Drops)
Suvarna Prashana is a medicine told in ayurvedic texts to improve the immunity and intellect of a child.

What is Suvarna Prashan?
Suvarna Prashan is one of the many important topics mentioned in Ayurveda. It is safe Ayurvedic combination, beneficial for children | As per this, a lictus is prepared with suvarna patra (gold foil), ghee (clarified butter), honey, Vacha (Acorus calamus), Bramhi (B। monneiri), etc medicinal drugs. This is administered on the auspicious day of Pushya Nakshatra (on the day of Pushya star), which is observed every 27 days.

What are the benefits of Suvarna Prashan?
Its continuous use improves the appetite, strength and memory of the child. It improves the lustre of the body. The child becomes strong and smart. Due to it, the immunity of the child is increased. This the span and quality of child's life is increased.

Suvarna Prashan can be given upto what age?
It may be given upto the age of 10 years. Though the best time to give it is from birth upto the age of 5years, it may be continued up to the age of 11 years. In the classical texts, I haven't found any mention about the upper limit of giving Suvarna Prashan. I have learnt from the college that I have completed my graduation (B. S. P.'s Gomantak Ayurveda Mahavidhyala & Research Centre, Shiroda, Goa), that it should be given upto the age of 5 years. Even then, socially it is given upto the age of 10 years. By some reading over the net, I have gathered information that, upto the age of 5 years - 90% of the child's brain gets developed and the remaining 10% developments occurs upto the age of 12 years. This explains why Suvarna prashan may be continued upto the age of 10years.If you have any questions or doubts regarding Suvarna Prashan, you may post it or contact me. @@ kavitacareclinic@gmail.comYour comments are also valued

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